About Us

Who We Are

National Bee Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization that strives to engage k-12 students of all ability levels and backgrounds to improve fluency with Numbers and operations through Numbers Bee. The primary goals of National Bee are to help students feel more confident about their math skills and to help them form more positive attitudes toward the subject of math through Numbers Bee games.

For more than 16 years National Bee Inc. in cooperation with Vel Micro Works DBA NumbersBee.com has provided free licenses to tens of thousands of students in Red Clay Consolidated, Christina School Districts and other schools in Delaware.

Starting in 2014, NumbersBee.com and National Bee Inc. are teaming up to provide over 80% discount of the annual licensing fee for students in schools who want to improve their numeracy.

What we do

National Bee empower K-12 school students of all ability levels and backgrounds to reach their full potential in fluency with numbers and operations.

We inspire curiosity and build confidence in students of all levels through Annual Tournament.

We help create a space where learning Numbers and Operations is fun, social and supportive, so that every student becomes a lifelong math learner.

We train the teachers through Delaware Teacher center year around.

Board of Directors
Debbie Horn
L. R. Kubendran,Ph.D.
Clark C. Minker
John Osoinach D. Ed
Kamatchi Vel
Sakthi A. Vel, Ph.D.

Honorary Directors
Dr. Merv Daugherty
Superintendent, RCCSD

EIN # 65-1189809
501(c)(3)Non-Profit Organization